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 The “Café Aftas” is located at “Plage Aftas”, one of the many beaches and bays of the area. It is about 10 min walk from the village center where transportation by bus or taxi is available. Ever since the 80’s the town has been popular with tourists who were attracted by the extraordinary flair. Even though the population increased steadily Mileft has lost none of its traditional charm and popularity. 

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Due to its mild climate the area can be visited all year round and offers a wide range of activities. 

As the oldest café right at the beach, “Café AFTAS” offers various snacks and refreshing drinks, as well as traditional Moroccan and European dishes. The spacious outside area with direct access to the beach allows for meeting others and is perfect for having tea while watching the sunset. 

The café, which is under German management, has reopened in July 2010 and is frequently visited by the Mirleft locals as well as by domestic and international tourists.  

Visitors can trade books from the small international library or borrow board games and playing cards. The attached surf school offers professional surf lessons by experienced teachers, which include a warm-up as well as yoga and all necessary equipment.  

The team of “Café AFTAS” and the surf school speaks Arabic, French, English, Spanish and German. Here, tourists can obtain information not only about the area, all of morocco and its culture, but also about the best surf spots, shopping in Tiznit or Sidi Ifni and about possible guided tours into the dessert or the mountains.Visitors, with or without surfboard, will meet a different way of life at Plage AFTAS where the local fishermen still carry their heavy boats by pure muscle strength to the ocean and spend hour after hour to prepare their nets on the beach. 

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All this will give the interested traveler a chance to not only take home pictures of amazing sunsets, but also a truly authentic experience of the traditional Moroccan lifestyle.

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 The “Café Aftas” is located at “Plage Aftas”, one of the many beaches and bays of the area


Directly on the beach aftas 15minutes of the mirleft souk open All year